At Whisper Heating, we take the time to make sure your system is running at the top of its efficiency. We can help you breathe easier, whether it’s starting up a brand new air conditioner or maintenance on a 30 year old furnace. We check and record the voltages and pressures to track the lifespan of the equipment and recommend service options.

If we see a part wearing out over a long period, we can let you know what to expect before the heat isn’t working at all. We also offer extra warranty protection, helping defer the cost of replacing parts or equipment.

If your equipment does fail, we offer prompt service and work quickly to get your furnace in top working condition again. We help you breathe easier by taking care of your heating and cooling, keeping your family safe and comfortable no matter the weather!

Service plans start at $99, which include a basic tune-up of your furnace.

Some of the basic checks include:

  • Gas manifold and inlet pressures
  • Pressure switches
  • Limit and rollout switches
  • Voltages and amperages to all motors
  • Flame sensors
  • Ignitors
  • Blower wheel check and cleaning
  • Cleaning of the burner and blower cabinet
  • New filter